Facts We All Should Know About Human Immune System

As the world continues to fight with a sweeping global pandemic Corona virus, questions are pouring in from all over the world regarding the prevention and cure of this disease. Researchers are fighting an altogether new battle to find cure of this disease. However, the desperate need to survive in this new world marred with uncertainty is also giving rise to myths and misinformation. Such is the case for one of the most trending topics right now in global arena -human immune system and its capability in fighting COVID19.  It is important now to know some basic facts about the true potential of our immune system so we do not fall prey to prejudices. Bring a cup of coffee to sip on while you read it. We are going to delve deep!!


Human Immune System Is A Network

Human immune system is an integrated and complex connection of biological structures such as tissues, cells and organs. It detects pathogens and provides resistance to infections. Because of the delicacy of this system and interconnection of structural components, it is difficult to find a way that will help the entire system. There is always a possibility that boosting a certain section of this system will damage or impair another. Needless to say, additional supplement of any single food item will not make any magical difference overnight in its functional capability. For example, oranges are full of Vitamin C and they are definitely good for your health. But sudden and additional intake of oranges will not help your immune system to cure Corona Virus.


No Compromise With A Healthy Diet

Salad Healthy Diet

Both over nutrition and malnutrition are responsible in compromising the optimal functioning of our immune system. So your first line of defense is to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. If you were never concerned about your diet before, now is a good time to pay attention. Well, don’t fret. Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit), strawberry, carrots, green vegetables such as spinach, seeds, nuts etc will do the trick. So make a list of the items you will need to buy when you visit the grocery shop next. Also when you are there, remember to thank the grocery store workers as they are the front liners playing a huge role in keeping our society together during this crisis.


Sleeping Is Never Overrated

Sleep deprivation is proven to be harmful for proper functioning of immune system. Insufficient sleep results in less production of cytokines, a protein responsible for targeting infection. This may lead to lower immune response. The easiest way to contribute to an optimally functioning immune system is getting 7-8 hours sleep per day. And guess what?? It is also free of cost! Well all you need is a comfy bed. So make sure you get plenty of sleep every night starting from tonight.


Nothing That May Help Is Off The Table

The fact that elderly people are the worst sufferer of Coronavirus pandemic is no secret now. One potential cause for this is weakened immune system of aging people. It is believed, deficiency of vitamin D contributes in weakening the immune system of aging individuals. While it is not still proven if intake of Vitamin D will make any difference in treating COVID19, deficiency of Vitamin D may result in an increased susceptibility to diseases and infections. Since It is unlikely that we will get much sunlight (best source of Vitamin D) while we are staying at home quarantine, we can add foods in our diet that are rich in Vitamin D such as eggs, fatty fish, cheese etc.

I think by now you have finished your coffee. Now is the time to jot down a list of dos and don’ts. While it is a difficult world to live in right now and challenges seem to be insurmountable, remember one thing- it is never too late to try for a healthy existence.


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