Effective Parenting Tips During Coronavirus Outbreak

“When are we going back to school?”

“When will I meet my friends again?”

“Shall we go to the park today?”

These are the questions children are asking their parents every day as we continue to deal with an unprecedented situation. Our day to day life has come to a standstill amid COVID19 pandemic. Schools are closed for an infinite time and no one really knows when things are going to be normal again. So, instead of answering those questions, parents are feigning not to hear them at all. However, this unanswered questions and uncertainty of the future can take a toll on the mental health of our children. With a lot of things happening around us, parents may overlook the importance of the mental health of their children. If you are also among those who are finding it difficult to determine what works best to keep your children happy and focused during this outbreak, this is it for you. So, scroll through the article and find out what is in it for your children.


Give Your Children A Sense of Power

Child Wash Hand Parenting

Most children are found to be at their best behavior when you make them feel important with your words and works. It is almost a given fact that neither you nor your children have faced such life disruptions before. You need to make sure that they are not exposed to the devastating scenarios and heartbreaking tragedies caused by this pandemic around the world. However, it will not be wise to keep them in a bubble world either. Children need to have a general idea of the current situation so that you can make them ready for the upcoming life that can be marred with difficulties. So instead of lying to your children about the severity of the situation, empower your children by making them a part of your team to deal with it.  Teach them the importance of the right things that they are supposed to do now as a responsible citizen- social distancing, washing hands, not touching faces, etc. Use this time as a learning period for your children when instead of classroom education, they will learn practically to protect themselves and others through their behavior.


Teach Your Children to be Grateful and Positive

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Without positivity, your circumstance will completely overcome you. At a time like this, one positive thought in the morning may help you and your children to go through the whole day. Ask your children to write down the things they are grateful for or the things that make them happy. If necessary, start an elaborate discussion with them about what they love and why they love it. Maybe, you will find out your child loves simple things like listening to the birds and sitting near a window where he can see the open sky.  Talking about the things they love is a super effective way to brighten up their day and will also help you to end the day on a happy note.


Educate the Heart of Your Children

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It is said that experience is the best teacher. They help one to learn the qualities that matter in life which bookish language can never do perfectly. Make your children participate in the works that will teach them kindness and empathy. Help them to understand the value of essential support workers who are taking care of us while we are sheltered in our homes. You can go one step ahead and ask your children to make ‘Thank You’ notes and cards for front line fighters like grocery shop workers and truckers of your locality. Together with your children, you can drop off food for the people in need while maintaining social distance. Remember what you do now with your children will be a real-life experience for them that will ultimately shape them.

An Active Soul Will Pave The Way For A Happy Soul

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With schools being closed and other outdoor activities on hold for an indefinite time, children will find it difficult to spend their days. Try to keep them active in order to bring some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Ask them to indulge in the activities they love. You may discover their hidden talents. Tell them to make a ‘To Do’ list with the things they want to do when schools will be open. It will give them hope for a better future.


You may find it difficult to help your children adjust to the new realities we are all facing. However, a little effort, different activities and a whole lot of love can help your children to stay happy and focused. Let me guess!! Your children are already looking for you, right? I have really kept you away from them for long. Well, time for you to go back to your children. With some brand-new ideas to keep them happy today!!