White Screen Of Death


White Screen error in WordPress or mostly known as the White Screen of Death is the type of error users of WordPress will mostly come across. This error is confusing at the very beginning because users get a white screen with no error message shown. It occurs when any script on the website costumes all the available memory limit.

Recently after updating to WordPress 6.1, users are coming across a White Screen Of Death error when they try to login to their admin dashboard. No error message is sadly shown at the front-end unless the define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, false ) is set to True in wp-config.php file. After the line WP_DEBUG is set to true, the following message is shown on the front-end: 

Notice: Function WP_User_Query::query was called incorrectly. User queries should not be run before the plugins_loaded hook. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 6.1.1.) in /home/customer/www/YOURWEBSITEADDRESS/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5835

It has been discovered that the error is caused by the new WordPress update which is creating a conflict within Elementor Pro.

An unofficial fix is given below until the problem is officially solved.


Go to your file manager through CPanel or the Panels you have been provided by your hosting company and browse the site you are facing the problem with.

Follow the below location and try to find the file named theme-document.php and scroll down to line 45.

public_html > wp-content > plugins > elementor-pro > modules > theme-builder > documents

You will see this line

$method = $reflection->getMethod( ‘get_site_editor_type’ );

Put two back slashes at the front and save the file, which would look like this after you edit

//$method = $reflection->getMethod( ‘get_site_editor_type’ );


Now refresh your page and it should load normally.

If your White Screen of Death problem is not related to Elementor Pro, then you can visit wpbeginner to get more instructions to fix the error.