Over the past decades, many countries around the world are going through an increase in youth crime at a very alarming rate. People who commit crimes from an early age mostly end up becoming habitual offenders with criminal careers.

There are many factors that lead people to start doing youth crimes from which the major and notable ones can be low intelligence, poor access to early education and school, low income and poor housing facilities, poor parental supervision and misbehaviours, broken families or parental conflicts, involvement in drugs of any family member, brought up in a deteriorated area, and impulsiveness.

A negative family environment can be a key factor for a person to get involved in undesirable activities at a very early age pushing to commit youth crimes. Unhappy family life at home can influence some children and teenagers to take anti-social actions for attention.

A family bond is very important for a child. Avoiding negligence towards the young members of the family by parents and elders can nurture them well. Proper attention and guideline of parents play a very important role for young people to understand and differentiate between ethical and unethical things and activities. Young peoples’ lives at homes, schools and society need to be focused to reduce young crimes rates to zero levels. Encouragement from family members and parents to study, social work, etc work can build up confidence, heroic attitude and responsibleness in young people.

The environment in which the children are nowadays growing up is also a factor for such situations. Children are now less involved in interacting face-to-face with people as they tend to spend more time inside the online world. Less communication and face-to-face interaction are resulting in a lack of empathy for others and willingness to conduct unethical activities.

Parents and elders of the family must show their effort to reduce youth crimes. They should start doing counselling if they find or suspect their child to be involved in youth crime. Punishment can be the next stage if counselling does not work to stop their unwelcoming activities. Besides, parents should also try to figure out what made their child commit a crime, and what can be done to resolve and bring their child out of such a situation.

There might be many factors that can lead young people to youth crime, but there are also measures and solutions to control this problem.